The Certified Cyber Security Expert (CCSE) & Certifid Cyber Security Professional (CCSP) program is a trusted and respected ethical hacking training Program that any information security professional will need. Hackingmantra is a pilgrim in providing network and CyberSecurity solutions.



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Web Application All Security Standard Testing, Manual Testing, Secure Code Review, Automation Testing(Tools:-IBM APP SCAN, ACUNETIX, NESSUS, VEGA, NET SPARKER), Buffer Over Flow Testing, Malware Testing. 40k PCI-DSS Compliance Audit Network Architecture Audit, Active Directory, Database Audit, Genuine Operating System & Softwares, Routing Protocol Testing, Service Port. 6lakh

  • Constantly collecting data to identify potential threats and provide an insight of any attack risk or vulnerability
  • Utilizing specialized threat hunting expertise to discover security flaws in end points, user behavior, network and application
  • 24/7 security monitoring and IR to detect threats, including system policy changes and compliance violations
  • Triaging alerts with a data-driven approach and countering threat incidents right in time based on priority
  • Investigating and managing breaches, eliminating the root cause of the attack and allowing users to quickly get back to business-as-usual
  • End-to-end visualization of cloud assets and network topology
  • Real-time rectification of misconfigurations
  • Access provisioning to network ports on a time-limited basis according to client requirements, ensuring a closed-by-default posture
  • Detecting security risks and threats through quick analysis of the network attack surface
  • Advanced identity and access management (IAM) protection against both internal and external threats
  • Round-the-clock tracking and automatic reversion of unauthorized changes, ensuring world-class security standards
  • Security assessment and risk tolerance to evaluate our clients’ security needs and develop a strong roadmap and architecture that supports their cloud ambitions
  • Access management through robust processes and technologies that streamline access to the Cloud
  • Application and infrastructure security services that enable design, development and implementation of secure cloud applications
  • Cloud data protection and active defense mechanism
  • We provide 24*7 security monitoring and IR services using cloud native tool